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Print Style Options

Every print from the selections I offer reflects the meticulous detail and commitment I put into my craft. My hope is to that you perceive my work as harmonizing seamlessly with your artistic style. I have curated four distinct print styles, each resulting in a unique finished product. Despite their differences, all prints maintain a gallery quality suitable for enhancing any home or office décor.

All images displayed in my variety of galleries can be made into any one of the print style options described on this page. Custom print sizes are available from small to very large.

Please confirm your print(s) and style selection by clicking the order link.


Fine Art Papers

Wall mockup of photo print above bed

Crafted for enduring quality, our premium gallery papers come in both satin and matte finishes, designed to withstand the test of time. With a substantial 260 gsm thickness, these papers resist smudging and fingerprints under normal conditions. Your order includes the desired print(s) only, securely delivered in a durable cardboard tube. This allows you the flexibility to frame the print according to your preference and budget.

fine art paper samples
Wide format printer printing colour print

Canvas Prints

Wall mockup of photo print above storage cabinet

Only premium canvas material to create top-tier archival quality artwork is used, ensuring our prints enhance any wall space in your home or office. Ideal for vibrant images, our canvas prints offer an excellent alternative to traditional photographic prints. Each piece, regardless of size, is meticulously crafted with a robust 1.5" deep support frame for immediate wall hanging, expertly reinforced to prevent warping or sagging over time. Framing is optional unless the client wishes
to consider decorative options.

back of canvas assembly with wire hanger
photo canvas sample on wall

Acrylic Wall Mount Prints

Wall mockup of photo print above couch

Fine art photography prints under acrylic glass radiates classy sophistication and professionalism, offering unparalleled depth and clarity. The print is permanently mounted, face-up and underneath a 3/16" thick high-gloss acrylic sheet which is edge polished to a glossy finish, then affixed to  aluminum sheet for durability. The included hanger system ensures easy installation on any wall. Enhance your environment with this classic and striking framing arrangement.

photo under acrylic corner edge detail
detail of acrylic wall mount layer assembly

Float Mount Prints

Wall mockup of photo print above white couch

For a contemporary feel, Float Mount creates a three dimensional effect, making your artwork appear to float away from the wall which is ideal for adding depth to your fine art. The print is laminated with a satin finish UV protected film. It is then mounted on a sturdy 1/4" thick wood plaque and finished with a black bevelled edge. A hidden support and hanger system is added to the back of the plaque. The final assembly remains warp-free over time and boasts all the superior qualities of a high-end large-format fine art print with full dynamic clarity at an affordable price.

Screenshot 2024-02-03 at 8.09_edited.jpg
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